Who doesn’t like gummy candies?

Gummy worms and gummy bears have always been my favorite. And if you add the amazing benefits of CBD to these delicious gummy candies, it will give rise to the best combo you can imagine.

Well, to be honest, it is the best alternative to the CBD tinctures too. If you don’t like the taste of CBD tinctures and want to have a tastier way of consuming CBD, then you can also opt the same alternative that I did and go for the CBD gummies.

You will easily find the gummies on the store shelves along with other chewy CBD treats.

My name is Marcus; I am suffering from chronic pain. When I first heard about the CBD gummies, I didn’t have any second thought and just went to buy them online.

Obviously, who would want to miss the chance of such a tasty source of CBD?

And let me tell you, it was worth it.

The texture, the flavor, and aroma, everything met up to my expectations and gave me a healthy and tasty treat. I realized that if people start taking CBD gummies, then they will find it as an easier way to ingest it.

In general, Gummies are thought to be bad for health. People think that eating more gummies will make them prone to diabetes. I agree that CBD contains sugar. However, if you are taking CBD gummies, then it will be a beneficial thing to do, both for health and for giving taste buds a nice treat.

Obviously, taking CBD in the form of candy will be more useful since it will be easier and tastier. This is why I started giving CBD gummies to my mother too instead of the CBD tinctures; she is suffering from joint pain and anxiety. Since I started giving her CBD gummies, she is taking her vitamins consistently too.

So let me tell about how were the experiences we both faced after using the products described below.

Read on.

What Are CBD Gummies?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the natural components of cannabis.

However, it doesn’t get you high and has lesser side effects as compared to the other components of cannabis like THC. CBD is found to treat different diseases such as schizophrenia and chronic pain.

Moreover, the kids who have epilepsy can also benefit from CBD.

The CBD gummies are growing popularity fast. They are becoming a popular daily supplement. CBD gummies are an easy way to consume CBD in case of kids and pets. Even the adults find it easier to consume CBD if it is in the form of a candy.

CBD gummies come in various shapes and in various flavors too.

Most of the people consider them an ideal way to enjoy the benefits of Cannabidiol without having a prescription.

CBD has a lot of medical benefits that may include soothing pain, helping with cancer, improving the cardiovascular health, different antipsychotic effects, providing protection against neurodegenerative conditions, providing relief from inflammation and helping with the skin problems too.

Moreover, with no THC involved, the bad element is also removed. Thus, the CBD gummies tend to be a perfect combo free from side effects.

If you are taking a CBD gummy bear, then it will enter the bodily system and start interacting with CB1 receptors present in glands, brain, connective tissues, nervous system and many other organs.

The gummy will also interact with CB2 receptors which are present in the immune system, kidneys, heart, liver, and spleen.

Both the CB1 and CB2 receptors form a vital contribution to the endocannabinoid system of our body which is responsible for different processes and reliefs from motor functions, appetite, anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

The goal of CBD gummies is to allow you to have a legal and tastier way of consuming the CBD and getting its benefits. If you select a good company, it will be a natural product, and there will not be any harmful substances used as an ingredient in the CBD gummies.

So, opt a legal and tastier way to soothe your pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

The CBD gummy bears are safe to use, and they don’t require any prescription too.

Health Benefits of CBD Gummies

CBD can aid in the elimination of a lot of diseases and mental conditions such as anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia to name a few.

With the help of CBD gummies, the expected health benefits are as follows:

1. Chronic Pain

Many patients were prescribed continuous pharmaceuticals to help with their chronic pain.

However, the relief intended to be temporary, and soon when the chronic pain got immune to the medicines, the dose had to be increased.

This is an unhealthy practice, and a healthier alternative was, therefore, direly required. In this case, the cannabis extract CBD comes out to be a savior because studies show that CBD has been found to help with the removal of some symptoms of multiple sclerosis diseases in many patients.

These symptoms mostly included spasticity and pain. (Reference)

2. Anxiety

Based on various studies, we can also deduce the fact that CBD produces the anxiolytic-like effect.

Other than this, CBD was found to be effective with the reduction in the anxiety of several patients.

There were a lot of patients who suffered from social anxiety disorder, and they were given CBD as a test, and according to the results, their condition was greatly improved. (Reference)

3. Inflammation

Inflammation is another condition which can be improved by the help of CBD.

If patients take CBD gummies regularly, then they are expected to be relieved from inflammation, spasticity, and pain.

4. Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders are prevalent amongst an alarming number of individuals nowadays.

Insomnia and sleep disorders problem can, however, be cured by the help of CBD. According to a study, CBD can increase the total sleep time of the individuals.

Thus, the CBD gummies can offer you a fun way to consume the cannabinoid and get benefitted from it to cure different diseases and mental conditions.

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

CBD gummies, as already mentioned are very fun and delicious to try.

However, this certainly doesn’t imply that one should start being careless about the amount of CBD gummies that he is ingesting.

You might get different brands of CBD gummies that will provide you with different quantity of CBD in milligrams.

However, as per the daily dosage is considered, it varies from person to person. The best and most recommended option is to start slowly by taking them one in a day. Now, if you feel that you are getting the same results as expired, then you can simply increase the dosage and then view the results.

According to a study, to treat certain conditions and diseases, the recommended dosage in humans is 1500 mg of CBD per day. (Reference)

Top 4 Brands for Best CBD Gummies

1. Living water CBD Gummies

Living Water CBD Gummies

When I had first decided to try CBD Gummies, then I decided to go after the reviews and tried some other product which was sweet though but didn’t felt the way I wanted.

It lacked the taste, as well as the claimed benefits, took ages to show up.

Therefore, I decided to try out some other product that tasted more like a classic gummy bear.

Then, I started searching online and wanted to see a product that was more classic, and of course, low price was a really important priority too.

Now, with the living water CBD Gummies, I had a really good experience. The taste was classic and really delicious. Take one for the day, and you will start feeling better. They were not only delicious, just like a classic gummy bear, but also performed as claimed. Sleep quality got improved, and when my mother consumed these CBD gummies, she felt relief from her pain too. Therefore, all in all, living water CBD gummies was a good package in my view. So, they were worth a try.

The even third-party lab report is present on the website that shows the reliability of these CBD gummies. There aren’t many types of gummies, but still, there are some unique chocolate bars and bath bombs which tend to be a lot better option than other gummy types.

When I told my mom about these gummies, then the first question she asked was, huh, price. Well, since it comes at a reasonable price, less than 30$. So, this gave my mother the go-ahead, and she wasn’t reluctant to buy and try the Living water CBD gummies.

She got nostalgic and remembered how her childhood gummies were exactly of the same taste.

2. Koi CBD

Koi CBD Gummies Review

There was a friend of my mother who told her that she takes CBD Tropical fusion gummies and now doesn’t have any cardiac pain because the CBD gummies helped her in overcoming her pain.

She also told my mother that the product has specifically mentioned 0% THC at the top of the package, so it is completely legal.

My mother got thrilled and decided to give it a try. She brought the Koi CBD Tropical fusion gummies packaged beautifully in orange with a fish drawn at the top of brand name KOI. I tasted it since I have a sweet tooth and couldn’t resist the temptation of another tasty CBD gummy.

It was so delicious and tasty that it gave my taste buds a real treat. Every gummy has a marvelous combo of tangerine, lime, and pomegranate that gives it a unique flavor which is great and with the incorporation of CBD, the package gets maximum health benefit too.

There were 20 gummies in the pack I just opened and ate half of them that made me full for the rest of the day.

Both my mother and I were able to get relief from pain. They helped me get a good sleep too.

Well, I would say it was worth it because I felt active in the day and had a good sleep that night.

The manufacturing process of these gummies is also unique since they make use of a 3- step process which guarantees an even distribution of CBD to all the gummies.

Thus, this brings forth a more consistent product.

3. Green Roads CBD Gummies


While reading some reviews online about best CBD gummies, I came across the Green Roads CBD gummies. The reviews suggested the company rapidly got many loyal customers since it was transparent in its policy and was a completely legal brand.

The CBD products of Green Roads are claimed to be of high quality.

Moreover, they had a wide range of gummies too. I decided to check out the product since it was definitely intriguing.

So, I browsed their online shop and viewed the assortment of gummies that gave a feeling as if I had entered in an online candy shop. My mother and I, both were intrigued by looking at a wide variety of gummies that included Gummie-men, bears and even froggies.

We bought them and used them. To me, the taste was somewhat in the mediocre range, but my mother liked them since the product was effective for her pain and stress.

Even though the taste was average, but the quick effect of these CBD gummies just balanced it out since they were very helpful in alleviating my chronic pain and helped me with depression.

Hence, this product is a definitely recommended one.

4. Diamond CBD Gummies

Diamond CBD Gummies Review


Diamond CBD is a renowned name in the market of edibles.

There is a huge variety of CBD gummies, and it continuously gets growing.

By incorporating CBD with the gummies, Diamond brand has come up with another masterpiece.

The tasty package is a perfect choice for anybody who has a sweet tooth. The therapeutic effectiveness of CBD combined with the excellent flavor range of Diamond gummies; they come up with a very hot product both in case of online reviews and word of mouth.

Now, how could I miss the treat of the most famous brand of CBD gummies?

The organic CBD gummies tested properly by labs is always a great treat for any person having a sweet tooth. Same was my case, and interestingly, my mother was even more interested than me.

When I told her that this brand has the highest reputation online, then she was like, “bring it to me. Let’s see if it is really what they all claim it is!” I then just went like, “Aye, Captain Mommy.”

The experience with Diamond CBD gummies was hilarious. I went to buy with real enthusiasm and went back and gave a packet to my Mom.
Now, when we tasted the products, even though it was completely natural and had that classic flavor of the gummy bear but comparing it with Koi and Living Water CBD gummies, we both felt that Diamond was a bit overrated.

It may be healthier, but regarding taste, the others mentioned above take the lead.