There are a lot of people who suffer from anxiety and chronic joint pain. According to a study, the patients of such pains take the prescribed medications which remove the pain for some time, but then their bodies become immune to the meds, and the meds just don’t work anymore.

So, what to do when even the prescribed medicines are not working?

Well, CBD oil is a source of relief that might not remove the pain completely, but still, it can help you relax and keep the pain away from you. Your body will not get immune to the CBD since it is not an artificial medication but natural.

The CBD oil has come out to be a savior for many people, and this is why it is a preferred product of most of the patients suffering from anxiety or chronic pain.

So, how does it work, from where it is sourced and is there any side effect of it or not?

These might be some of the questions that bother you when you first hear about CBD hemp oil uses.

This article will answer all your questions and will provide you with all the information that you need about the CBD hemp oil.

What Is CBD Hemp Oil?

There are different kinds of cannabinoids present in the plants which are associated with the cannabis. Amongst those cannabinoids, one form is called CBD or cannabidiol. It is different from the other kinds of cannabinoids since CBD doesn’t contain the THC.

Now THC is the main component of cannabinoids which makes a person feel high when it is ingested. So, if CBD doesn’t contain this THC, then it means that CBD hemp oil cannot make you high and it is a purely non-psychoactive substance.

What Kind of Pain can CBD Oil Alleviate?

There is a reason why doctors have started to prescribe CBD oil instead of the painkillers. CBD oil is a healthier alternative, and it doesn’t have much side effects too.

So, CBD is gaining fame and being used on a large scale by patients suffering from a wide range of diseases and painful conditions. Now, the effects of CBD are backed by scientific research, and there is no denying of the effects and efficacy of CBD.

Some of the pains that the CBD has alleviated and can alleviate very well are mentioned as follows:

1. Alleviates the Chronic Pain

According to scientific research, cannabis can prove to be very effective in treating chronic pain in the elder people. The findings of the study are mentioned as below:

  • Because of chemotherapy, there can be certain conditions in adults like vomiting and nausea. In such circumstances, the oral cannabinoids can provide an antiemetics to help the elder people get rid of these conditions.
  • By treating the older adults with cannabis or cannabinoids, the symptoms of chronic pain can be reduced Thus, giving them a relief from their chronic pain.
  • If the adults are suffering from multiple sclerosis diseases, then oral cannabinoids can prove to be effective in treating the spasticity.

Above mentioned were some of the findings of the scientific research.

Other than these, the research also suggested that the subjects are not resisting the CBD effects as they did not show any sort of tolerance against the CBD.

Thus, this means that the body will not get immune to the effects of CBD like it does in case of painkillers. In case of painkillers, when the body gets immune to them, you have to increase the dosage so that you can get the same effect.

However, since there is no such case with CBD, thus, you will not require increasing the dosage of CBD.

2. Alleviating the Arthritis (Joint Pain)

As already mentioned, the effects of CBD are now backed by scientific research and evidence.

Researchers used CBD on rats suffering from arthritis, and the results were mentioned in the European Journal of Pain whether it worked or not.

After this experiment, the researchers started to use CBD on humans too.

A typical CBD gel was applied to the rats for straight four days. After four days, an evident decrease in inflammation, as well as the symptoms of pain, was observed which was indeed miraculous.

Not only the miraculous benefits, but the researchers did not find any sort of side effects too. This was great news since CBD had proven to be a highly effective substance.

The medical professionals are currently working on whether CBD is helpful for arthritis in humans too or not, but already a lot of arthritis patients have tried CBD oil and have benefitted from it.

3. The Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

The autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis can affect the function of brain and nerves which causes different types of spams in muscles.

At times, these spasms can get really intense and cause a consistent pain. A study was conducted on the effects of CBD which found out that the CBD could decrease the spasticity of the muscles to a great extent which will thus remove the pain induced by the disease.

Different people have also experienced a decrease in the symptoms of pain.

How Long Does it take for CBD to take Effect?

When CBD reacts with the endocannabinoids, then it leads to better regulation of different functions of immune system along with good sleep quality and pain regulation.

The system in the brain is not disturbed by the CBD at all which in turn doesn’t release dopamine as in the case of THC. Thus, if anybody wants to try CBD just for having some pleasure and thinking that it will get him/her high, then he/she is soon to become disappointed because CBD will not cause any such effect.

CBD is gaining fame, and now the doctors are suggesting it to the patients as well since the researchers are now finding the effects of CBD oil and thus, the effects of CBD are backed by strong evidence of research.

Through a study, it was found out that the cannabinoids act as mild analgesic which is significant to remove a wide range of central neuropathic pain symptoms.

Now, a question might be raised that how much time it takes for the CBD to show some effects?

Well, depending on the type of pain and diseases that the person might be suffering from, the time to take effect might seem long or short. The thing is that the patient needs to remain calm and be patient.

The CBD oil is like a proven therapy which is known to work, and as it is non-psychoactive, so, you don’t have to care about the side effects too. Even the doctors are now recommending CBD oil as a viable solution for getting relief from different kind of pains.

Often, in the case of chronic pain, the CBD oil takes effect in a week or two, and the patient starts to show signs of recovery and relief. Not only this, the patient starts getting better sleep quality, i.e., peaceful sleep without requiring any sleeping pills. 

For the cancer patients also, the CBD has proven its efficacy. However, still more research is required as to how the pain of the terminal cancer patients can be ended.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of people who have accustomed to the painkillers and got habitual to them just to get relief from their pain. Now, CBD is here, and it is a preferable option because it has no side effects and is considered to be a lot healthier alternative. It is an anti-inflammatory drug as it doesn’t contain any steroid properties. It is regarded as a lot lesser potent than the opioid painkillers. Along with that, the CBD can also ease the pain that is caused during the chemotherapy by different drugs. The patients who have breast cancer can also get great relief from the pain by using CBD oil.

Best CBD Oils for Pain Relief (Top 6 Picks)

Now, when you research the market or read about the reviews of different people who have already used the CBD oils and experienced their effects, you can get a good idea about which one to choose.

Below mentioned are the top 6 manufactured CBD oils, according to the market research and the reviews of people who have been using these oils and have witnessed their positive effects.

1. Nuleaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil

The NuLeaf naturals is a very good quality organic CBD oil that can improve the lives of many people who are suffering from any physical or mental ailments.

It is reported to cure sleep disorders and also provides relief to pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

It is headquartered in Colorado from where it ships to all other states.

The company claims that it is natural and 100% organic.

There is absolutely no preservative or additive in this CBD oil.

Before providing the CBD oil bottle to their customers, the NuLeaf Naturals properly inspect every bottle of the oil and pass it from rigorous laboratory tests so that it can be ensured that it contains the optimum quantity of CBD. The aim of NuLeaf Naturals is to provide the customers with a wide range of CBD wellness products that will help in promoting a healthy mind and body.

The company boasts of offering high-quality CBD oil which is extracted by maintaining the set industry standards.


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2. CBDPure 

CBD Pure Review

CBDPure is a Washington Based Cannabidiol Company. There is a dedicated About Us Section on the Official Website. However, it doesn’t mention when the company was established. This Washington Based Company has another office in the UK (Addresses and phone numbers mentioned on the website). What makes CBDPure different than other companies is it pays attention to the quality of its raw material. Yes, it is among the rare companies that care about its product and has dedicated itself to offer nothing but the best.

It invests in certified industrial hemp cultivated on licensed farms in Colorado. The quality source material gives CBDPure its competitive edge. CBDPure ships its product to every U.S State except Kansas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. The company doesn’t ship its product internationally but it soon will.

Colorado hemp is the best hemp in business.  It is completely free of synthetic content including artificial additives. These hemps are tested for their purity, cannabinoid content, and potency. CBDPure extracts CBD with CO2. This technique uses pressurized carbon dioxide to extract cannabinoid terpenes and flavonoids from the plant.

CBDPure’s Products are Organic and Affordable. Moreover, the company invests a lot in CBD Testing. These tests include Microbiological Screening to get rid of harmful pathogens. The company also invests in Pesticide Tests and Cannabinoid Profiling. These advance tests look for chemical pesticides which are harmful to the body and negate the effects of CBD.  It ensures quality oil while listing the concentration of active cannabinoids. The concentration of active cannabinoids promises accurate dosage.

Moreover, CBDPure carries out Terpene Analysis and Residual Solvent Testing to get rid of impurities, solvents and other odorants for better quality and safety while it optimizes the CBD oil for better therapeutic effects.

CPDPure has excellent quality control. This company goes to SC Labs, the leading CBD testing lab in the US to verify consistency and quality of their products.


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3. Vape Bright

Vape bright products

This product is best for the vapers.

If you are a vaper and want to get relief from any sort of mental or physical pain, then you have to try out this product, and you will not be dissatisfied.

If you have been trying other low-quality CBD vapes before but got no results then probably you were not getting the real CBD oil at all.

You have to use the high-quality oil which is available to you in the form of Vape Bright. It has already won the hearts of many vapers and is ready to benefit you as well.

There is no vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol in it which can dilute the concentration of pure CBD. Rather, you will have CBD rich in terpenes only which will make the flavor smell like original cannabis. Some items present in the stock of the company are mentioned as follows:

  • Battery Charger and a case of Vape Bright
  • 1000 MG CBD Vape Cartridge (5 Pack- Thrive)
  • 600 MG CBD Vape Cartridge (3 Pack- Thrive)
  • 200 MG Thrive CBD Vape Cartridge
  • The starter pack of Vape Bright (It has 1 Battery charger, and a case of the vape and 1 thrive vape cartridge)

Thus, the company has all that any vapor might need a good vaping experience.

If you have never used a cartridge before, then the recommendation for you is to buy the full kit, at least the starter pack.

There are different reviews of habitual vapers in favor of this brand, and this is why this brand is placed at the top because it is worth it.

When you talk about the quality of CBD in this product, the Vape Bright will provide you with a free of pesticide and herbicide, only CO2 extracted product.

Thus, this is the best product that you will really worth your hard earned money. Now, instead of consuming CBD if you want to vape it, then try Vape Bright because it will definitely be the best vaper for CBD oil.

4. CBDistillery

Thecbdistillery products

A lot of patients trust CBDistillery for back pain.

Headquartered in Colorado, the company provides the customers with absolutely free access to real-life reviews, information, and research.

The company is committed to providing high-quality CBD products and charges very competitive rates for the products. There are different product options to choose that include CBD infused soft gels, CBD skin care cream, CBD terpsolate, pure CBD isolate Slab and many other products.

If you are suffering from arthritis or general joint pain, then CBDistillery products can prove to be significant in relieving you from the pain. You can begin with the tinctures and then move on to the CBD capsules of this company. This is because they have the maximum concentration of CBD and they produce rapid effect too. Feel free to try out the other products too.

The company is best known among the patients for its effect with the back pain.

According to some reviews, the patients regarded this company as miraculous because the products produced such effects that were unparalleled to any other company’s products.

5. Elixinol

Elixinol products

Elixinol is undoubted, one of the most famous and renowned CBD brands.

According to the experts, this brand is the best solution for disorders related to nerves like epilepsy. This brand performs very well for any chronic pain or the joint pain.

If you are having troubles with anxiety, then Elixinol is a highly recommended product for you. There are different products that this brand has brought for you that include hemp seeds and protein, hemp oil tinctures, Hemp oil liposomes, oral applicators, etc.

The oral applicator by Elixinol is by far; the most liked product of this company by the customers. It is really efficient and easy to use.

6. Green Roads

Greenroadsworld CBD Oil

When it comes to treating chronic pain, or any other mental pain or physical joint pain, then Green roads World is a brand that is unbeatable in terms of the quality of CBD oil and results.

It is best for these types of pains, especially the back pain.

The company cares for its customers and shows genuine care for them by keeping up a really supportive and cooperative customer care.

This is the reason why people love this brand and try to use their product. Setting up good customer care shows that their product is of high quality.

This may be the reason for the success of this brand. This brand has following CBD products that you can test.

  • CBD Tea and Coffee
  • CBD Pain Relief Cream
  • CBD syrups
  • CBD Terpenes
  • CBD oils
  • CBD concentrates
  • CBD capsules

This is a wide range of products that the company offers, and the customers are of the view that the company has both quality and appearance and thus this brand is a successful one.

Moreover, they also follow the industrial standards for extracting the CBD which makes them even more reliable. 100% proven organic practices are employed in order to grow the plants and for the extraction of CBD hemp oil, the CO2 extraction method is used by the Greenroads World Company.

Thus, it doesn’t leave any slight chance of loss of potency or purity.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Pain:

Best cbd oil for pain relief

Possible Side Effects of CBD Oil?

Now, after hearing and reading about so many positive effects of CBD oil, one can be convinced about the efficacy of CBD oil in removing the pain.

However, there is one concern that remains which is that of the side effects.

CBD is considered to be such a good treatment for the pain and many diseases. It must have some side effects too.

Now, even though there are a lot of manufacturers that are of the view that CBD oil is free from any side effects, but the research and studies have suggested otherwise.

It is true that a lot of people have been using CBD oil for helping with their pain and they received the required results too while not receiving any side effect.

However, still, a small amount of population has been reported to suffer from some side effects which are, fortunately, not very adverse. According to some reports, some of the side effects experienced by the patients include diarrhea, change in weight, fatigue, and exhaustion.

It is recommended to all the patients that before starting to take CBD oil for pain relief, do consult your physician and ask him about the proper dosage of CBD oil.

If the patient is already taking any sort of medication, then the effect of CBD can be a little diminished, but it will be better if you consult a doctor and let him decide whether taking CBD is going to be of any help or not.

He will properly and clearly tell you about the efficacy of CBD for your condition and will also make any necessary adjustments if required.

As already mentioned, CBD is regarded as an anti-inflammatory substance, and this property of CBD is because it doesn’t produce any steroid- like effect.

However, according to a study at Frontiers in Pharmacology, this anti-inflammatory property might be too extreme that it causes a reduction in inflammation which is beyond the limits and thus, leads to danger because it results in the diminishing of the defense system of lungs.

This might be considered as a side effect of CBD oil, and hence, proper care and precautionary measure must be practiced before taking CBD oil for the long term.

It is always better to consult a doctor or experienced physician who can give you honest advice and suggestion regarding this issue.

CBD dosage for pain?

This question might appear in the minds of many patients that what is the recommended dosage of CBD that they have to talk so that they can get some relief from the pain?

Well, to be honest, there is no ideal dosage. Since CBD is totally different from the prescription medicines; it doesn’t work that way. It is more like a trial and error sort of med which will have to find its own dosage requirement.

So, for the patients who want to try CBD to get some relief from pain, they can just start off simply at a low dose and then see if it produces the required results and they get relief from the pain.

Slowly, increase the dose and stop when you feel completely relieved from the pain.

This is the recommended dosage for you which will provide you with satisfactory results. Moreover, the manufacturer might have already given a guess about the ideal dosage.

So, for that purpose, you can read out the label to see the dosage quantity. If you want to contact professional care related to the dosage, then you can simply contact your experienced physician to know about his recommendation about the dosage of CBD.


Now, which CBD oil should be bought out of the top 6 products mentioned above?

Well, this might seem a hard decision but considering your requirement, you can easily come up with a product. You are free to try out any other product and then come to a conclusion.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will CBD Oil Help Treat My Ailment?

All we recommend is to have a proper checkup from your doctor. Before using CBD oil, you have to make sure that how much intensity your condition has that won’t react later negatively to the usage of CBD oil. However there is no scientific research yet been approved by FDA, BUT even then there are many case studies and feedback from the users who claimed that CBD oil had positive effects on their ailments. Some of them are Anorexia, Anxiety, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, Asthma, Bipolar disorder, Cancer, Cardiovascular disorders, chronic pain, etc.

Will This Oil Get Me High?

Well, it depends that which type of CBD oil you are using. If you are using marijuana CBD oil, then you must know that it has a high level of THC that will certainly give you a “high” effect. And if you are using hemp CBD oil, then it will not affect you “high” because of the low levels of THC. Our all recommendations above are the Hemp Oil ones.

Does It Work Faster Than I Expect?

This usually depends on the medication dosage, the condition, and the expected results. Many people experience the relaxing and calming effect of the CBD within 20 minutes when given orally under the tongue. If you are using CBD for some other reasons, the particular medical effect will take longer. Consider a couple of weeks.

Where can I buy the CBD oils?

There are a lot of online shops and stores from where you can get CBD oil. You can avail yourself of the free shipping service and get the CBD oil shipped to your doorstep without any shipping charges. The names of the top 6 brands of CBD oils are mentioned in this article. Just google for shopping online these CBD oils, and you will see various links from where you will be able to order the specific CBD oil. Do make sure to check the reviews of customers before ordering the CBD oil from a certain online store. When you are sure about its reliability, then order your CBD oil from that store.