Do you know Hemp Derived Cannabidiol has less than 0.3% THC? This is a psychoactive ingredient that is related to marijuana and used to treat several medical issues.

As more people are becoming aware of hemp, its sold in most states of the US. It would see as the industry is exploding as Hemp CBD sales were nearly $170 million in 2016, and the market is supposed to hit the $1 Billion mark this year.

The use of hemp is legalized. It is a relative of Marijuana which has all its benefits, except for intoxication. New brands emerge every day to improve Hemp production. One of these brands is Hemp Bombs, and today I am going to review it.

Author Introduction


I am Marcus, the man who will do the Hemp Bombs review shortly.

I am not addicted to marijuana or any of its byproducts. I resorted to using hemp because I injured myself in a nasty accident and didn’t want to spend my entire day on the bed eating painkillers.

A good friend introduced me to Hemp products, specifically this brand and showed me how it could help ease off my back pain. I took his advice and started taking hemp capsule and gummies.

Usually, it would take hours for my pain to disappear but I noticed it gone within minutes of taking hemp capsules. This sparked my interest, and I made up my mind about trying some of its other products. After a while, I had my fair share of Hemp Bomb products and its time I share my experience with you guys.

About Hemp Bombs Brand

Hemps Bomb was founded back on January 1st, 2016. It is a relatively new brand and has put a lot of effort into the quality of their product. The company made sure it delivers CBD benefits to their customers. According to Josh Kennedy, Marketing Director of Hemp Bomb, “The company is passionate about CBD and its potential to help people.”

The MD is adamant about keeping high standards of production as they offer better quality control over products. The company offers a wide range of CBD products.  It imports Organic Hemp from Europe as it has a long history of legal hemp and they improve its therapeutic value as compared to other countries.

The farming practices are regulated and eco-friendly. They don’t use any sorts of chemicals, pesticides, or contaminants.   With years of experience, European cultivators produce high-quality Hemp at an affordable price. They continue their research to improve their growing practices.

Moreover, the company offers excellent customer service and is available 24/7 to help out its users. They continuously update the product, website, and content to improve their customer’s user experience. It would seem that this new company has already perfected the formula of winning hearts.

#1 Unflavored CBD Oil

Hemp Bombs Unflavored CBD Oil Review

This one is plain hemp. Yes, this is unflavored CBD oil, as the name suggests it has no artificial flavor. There are a slight aftertaste and its pure hemp. There is no high feeling by using this oil, but it has some soothing abilities. I got rid of back pain by using it. It has relaxing properties which helped me sleep well.

The strength of this oil is incredible as evidenced by its ability to handle chronic pain. Following, I am going to give you a brief overview of my user experience and would suggest whether you use it or not.


  • Hemp Oils don’t have THC or Nicotine
  • They are legal in every state of the US
  • They are made from hemp instead of medical marijuana
  • CBD Oil ratio is 30% PG and 70% VG

User Guide

Just take on teaspoon a day with water, and you will be fine.

Personal Experience

I do light vaping. I switched from cigarette and kind of controlled my habit. Using Hemp Bones, the unflavored hemp CBD oil didn’t fail to make an impression. I sorted of developed bad back pain and was looking to get rid of it. I just finished two tanks of CBD oil Hemp and had positive results.


For me, the two most important aspects of CBD oil are purity and effectiveness. Hemp Bombs has an excellent record of pure CBD products, and they import their hemp from Europe for their extra quality. I have been using their products for a few days, and I have to say, I am feeling relieved.

Yes, the unflavored CBD oil is pure and effective. The Oil relieved me of my back pain and some inflammation within two days of use. The quick timing is not something I can ignore in this review. So yes, if you are looking for instant pain relief, the CBD oil can help you.

#2 CBD Capsules

Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules Review

The CBD capsules offer a high dose of digestible CBD; they can fit comfortably in any pocket or purse. You need to contain the organic CBD from GMO Hemp. They don’t make you feel high, and it isn’t legal in all 34 cities.  In case you feel stressed, you can take a pill and make yourself feel better. You can relieve chronic pain and ensure you sleep well at night thanks to these capsules.

These are a portable solution if you don’t like drinking cannabinoid oil. Many people would prefer traditional med over modern one, and this is where you need to enlighten them.


  • Gets rid of chronic pain and Inflammation
  • Helps you to rest better
  • Fights off insomnia

User Guide

You need to take one pill for 24 hours with water.

Personal Experience

I am speaking as someone who had problems falling asleep. I have been suffering at the hands of insomnia for a while now, and I have tried various solutions. I resorted back to taking pills for falling sleep. It was not until I took these CBD capsules my sleep patterns started to improve. 

The change was noticeable after first two pills, within 48 hours.


According to my experience, the Hemp capsules are very easy to digest as they are pure CBD. They did help me fight off depression and other mental issues. It helps you to manage your stress better. Swallowing a capsule with water can help you relax as your body replenishes its energy.

These capsules help to ease off anxiety and depression. It helped me recover from work by taking just one pill, even if my stomach was empty. Therefore, yes, I would suggest it’s a good investment especially considering you don’t want to take CBD in oil form and would instead take it in a capsule.   

#3 CBD E-liquid

Hemp Bombs E-Liquid Review

The hemp bombs e-liquid is an excellent option for people who love vaping. Sure it does create the same effect of a standard vape juice without intoxication and smoke, but it gets your nicotine levels filled. With Hemp Bombs, you get 12 flavors to enjoy with vaping.

You can choose to personalize your vaping experience. The company blends each bottle correctly to make sure the resistance won’t speed off the campus. They need to know how to deal with issues and improve flavor.  The potency can range from 75mg to 4000 mg CBD. You can also order a La Carte if you want.

The hemp blends every bottle perfectly, so you can stock up every flavor you like.


  • A wide variety of flavors
  • High-quality Hemp
  • Smooth inhale
  • Good cloud

User Guide

You need to prep the device, make it’s appropriately sealed before taking your first puff.

Personal Experience

As someone who has tried the vaping juice, I had much confidence in vaping juice. There is a pleasant flavor with throat hit. I felt relaxed right after the first puff. I have been using it for two weeks now, and I have to say it did help to stay away from nicotine and other substances. I am consuming one tank a day.


After a week of use, I would suggest you give the Hemp Bombs vape a try; It has high-quality hemp with a great blend of flavors.  I hoped there are higher concentrations of CBD vapes available in the future.

The hemp is among the finest CBD in the world. This could cost you a bit. The tastes are sharp, and not too sweetened, as many people hate it. The throat hit is nice, it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, and the nicotine concentration is present there. So, if you wanted to use it as a replacement, it would serve you.

#4 CBD Gummies

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Review

The Hemp Bombs Gummies are a favorite product. These are designed for portability and made with GMO-free hemp. They lack TCH and therefore have no legal ramification. Every Gummy contains 15m CBD.

Every gummy is a fruity bite-sized dose of CBD. They come in five, 15, 30, and 60 counts pack. The 60-count pack has higher potency with 25mg of CBD. These taste great and are active, only need one at a time.

These gummies have a sweet flavor and texture. They offer the consumer relaxation. Thanks to the fact that CBD is available legally across the states.


  • Improves Mood
  • Improves Joint and Muscular parts
  • Improves Sleep quality
  • Treats Insomnia

User Guide

You are just allowed to take on gummy at a time, not any more than that.

Personal Experience

I liked the taste of these gummies. The CBD taste is good and not over sweet. I only took one at a time as suggested. I felt the effects instantaneously. I didn’t screw up with my dose because I didn’t want to be in pain for 1 to 2 hours. One thing I would like to say is These gummies are not meant for people with impulse control.


The gummies earned it. These are a portable solution if you need to keep your hemp concentration in check. The gummies come in various flavors and offer several health benefits.

Where to Buy?

The best place to buy Hemp Bombs Product is their official site. Sure you can buy their product from any other website, but only the official website assure that you will purchase an original product with warranty.

Moreover, the official website has excellent customer support in case you have any issue with their product. The official store offers discount and offers to save money.

The company offers delivery all around the USA. The company even offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the company. In case if you choose to exchange the product for something cheaper then you bought, then you would not receive any refund. This point is mentioned in the exchange state.

Overall Conclusion!

Hemp Bombs is a Cannabinoid brand that has a lot to offer. O it’s a bit difficult to conclude all of their offerings in just one heading. But after spending a considerable amount of time with the respective clothes, its time I should act the part. I tried the various product, especially the oil, I believe I can add some valid points.

Hemp Bombs is a valid brand name that works to keep their keep their client happy. Speaking as someone who has tried their vape juices, oils, and gummies, I can detest that gummies are delicious and effective. You don’t need a sweetener or something else to h

I had a week to vape the juices. I vaped them in sunny weather with new coils and new devices every time. I am pleased with the vape juice as it gets as they get strong with every rotation. I vape a lot of puff before the 75mg version introduced.

The flavors introduced in vape juices are clean and delicious. They never gunk up coils like some other brands I used.  The quality of these products is surprising. All of these products are lab tests and useful. 

Moreover, the company has excellent customer service. Hemp Bombes is of the few brands that offer benefits for the regular user. So yes, I will recommend this brand to others.