Cannabidiol or CBD had gained popularity in medical marijuana industry because of it demonstrated positive benefits. These benefits are taken by people without facing psychoactive effects that are associated with marijuana. CBD is beneficial for different medical conditions. The reason why it is praised so much is due to its anti-inflammatory quality, also because of its ability to provide relief from muscle spasm, pain, and anxiety.

Every day new brands of CBD are hitting the market with different products and are coming up with unique ideas on how to take CBD oil. Well, if it’s your first time then it can be very overwhelming. Personally, when I started out I was stuck at whether I should consume CBD using tinctures, vaporizers or by mixing it in my food.

Now after being around for 5 years into this I can quickly decide on for which option to go with. But I know this is a problem faced by many. That’s why in this article I’ve covered different ways that you can use to consume CBD Oil which will then help you to decide the best method according to your needs.

Different ways to take CBD

The 5 different ways to use CBD Oil are mentioned below:

1. CBD Oil Mixed with Food Items and Smoothies

Cbd mixed with food or drink

CBD oil is extracted from the plant of CBD heavy strain of the marijuana using different solvent. CBD oil extraction by the use of CO2 is best, and it uses high pressure as well as low temperature to create the pure and potent oil. This CBD oil is available to take directly or even available in capsules form that can be taken regularly. This oil can be mixed with smoothies and food items too or can be baked with edibles and then consumed.

This is by far the easiest method and is recommended when you’re just starting out. Just mix some CBD Oil with your favorite food or drinks. You can try CBD with almost any item.

2. CBD Tinctures are Taken through a Dropper Under the Tongue

Cbd tincture with dropper

Tinctures are vegetable glycerin-base cannabis or alcohol extracts that are less concentrated than the CBD oils. These tinctures are found in the dropper bottle as well as come in various concentration of the CBD to THC.

This is one of the most common methods and is used by the majority of people to consume CBD Oil. Just put a few drops(3-5 for beginners) under your tongue using the dropper and let it rest for at least 20-30 seconds. This method is fast and effective.

3. CBD Topical Products applied to the Skin

Cbd on skin

Almost every CBD brand out there offers topicals including cream, lip balms, and ointments. These CBD products can be very effective in protecting the skin.

Topical products are applied directly to the skin; it provides the anti-inflammatory as well as pain relieving properties. These products are not at all psychoactive and have 0 % CBD or THC. The CBD topical aims to reduce inflammation in the patient suffering from muscle aches or arthritic joint pain.

4. CBD Vaporizing

Cbd with vaporizers

Over the past few months, vaping CBD has gained immense popularity because it does not harm the lungs and is one of the most enjoyable methods of taking CBD out there.  Moreover, it shows effects faster than any other method and can help you get a quick relief from inflammation, pain or any other disease you’re suffering from.

One can vaporize the high CBD cannabis. Vaporizing helps in showing a fast effect of the medication without leaving behind any adverse effects that are caused otherwise by smoking.

5. CBD Sublingual Sprays

Cbd mouth sprat

These sprays come as the concentrated cannabis tincture and are used by spraying directly into the mouth. These sprays are discreet as well as allow the patients to have a choice of different CBD to the THC ratio depending upon the symptoms they want to target.

Ending Note

These are the top 5 methods to take CBD. You can simply use any of the above-given methods and thus, you will not need the help of anyone to guide you on how to take the CBD. These are few ways to take CBD, but you can find many more ways to take CBD on the internet. Use the most appropriate way to get proper dosage.