So have you tried CBD? And if the answer is no, my next question is why?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been noted to help with a lot of conditions. It can be used internally and externally to help with a large number of ailments and it can be taken every single day to prevent certain conditions. It has worked wonders for my family and myself and I know a large number of people who have benefited from it.

I get my oil from Sol CBD because the stores in my area are not really into talking about their ingredients or how the oil is drawn from the plants.

I live in a very small part of Western, Pennsylvania, so pure CBD is like a foreign substance around here. We pretty much have to drive to Pittsburgh, which is about an hour from where I live, not exactly around the corner and pretty much requires a day trip.

Sol CBD is a company that I can trust and it provides quality products. Personally, I wouldn’t get my supplements anywhere else. I absolutely love everything about Sol and do not think that I could find a brand anywhere near as worthy of my patronage.

So, in this Sol CBD Review I’m going to talk about the brand, the products I tried and how it has helped my family from certain conditions. This review will help you make a good choice of whether to buy from this brand or not.


Sol CBD Oil Review

Sol CBD tincture

I have used the oil, or tincture, for starters. I have tried the natural and the cinnamon flavor, and I really enjoy both. I have mixed the cinnamon oil with butter and used it to make cookies and apple pies. They both turned out absolutely amazing!

In addition, I like to put a little bit of the cinnamon oil in my coffee once every other day. It gives it a nice flavor, plus I have never felt better since starting to use CBD. The natural CBD does not really have much of a flavor to it so it is okay to put it into pretty much anything at all.

My Personal Experience?

I have a bad gallbladder and gallstones. The only thing that helps to stimulate my bile production is water with lemon, however, CBD has helped to ease the pain when I am having an attack. It has also helped to alleviate some of my cramping from menstruation, and I am no longer smoking cigarettes. I do not crave the cigarettes either.

I have been eating like crazy, but sleeping definitely has not been an issue lately. I have also found that the oil is significantly useful when used in the hair as to keep it from falling out, turning gray and promotes growth.

My hair has been so strong since I started to use the CBD oil on my hair. It has also helped my dandruff issue. I use it on my children’s scalps as well, and it has stopped the severe itching in my children’s scalp.I put a little bit of the cinnamon oil into my shampoo, which is vanilla based, so it makes me smell like a cookie, I love it.

I really enjoy the way that CBD has helped my family so I decided to purchase a few bottles at once.  It ends up being cheaper to purchase in that fashion and I can use it as much as I want to. You do not have to pay as much for shipping if you purchase it all at once either.

Sol CBD Vape Oil Review

Sol CBD vape oil review

Because I was doing so well with the oils as a supplement I decided that maybe vaping would be interesting to try. I have been told that vaping CBD could also be helpful, and even though I was no longer smoking cigarettes, I had started vaping a little bit and was thinking that CBD oil may be better than vaping the nicotine oil.

My Personal Experience?

I got one bottle of the grape and one bottle of the mint and started to vape those. I really began to start to feel better, and it felt like my body was starting to heal itself since I had quit using all of the nicotine products that I had been using earlier.

They say that it takes a few weeks to start feeling the effects of quitting smoking, but after a few days, I started to feel much better. I was thinking a little clearer; I was no longer stressed out and full of anxiety; I felt like I could breathe a little bit better.

I went to the doctors and they noted my blood pressure was down. I just told them I must have had a relaxing day as I had not fully discussed my CBD use with any of my doctors or medical professionals.

My Final Thoughts?

On trying both the flavors, I found that I liked the mint vape oil a little bit more than the grape, but I am personally not a fruity smoker, and I prefer minty flavored things. I used to smoke Newports before I had decided to quit, which is why I think the minty oil works best for me.

I figured originally that if I vaped the CBD it would make a huge difference in my smoking so, I grabbed myself another two bottles of the mint, but I do not vape any more than I did in the first place, and now I do not feel like I am paying to kill myself.

I still have a good bit of the vape oil left and have only recently been vaping every once in a while. I find it to be the most effective when I need a quick little stress reliever, like at the times when I would normally be smoking a cigarette.

Sol CBD Herbal Balm Review

Sol CBD herbal balm review

I had so much success with the oil and the vaping, and I had noticed that my severe foot fungus had started to clear up a bit. I was searching the SOL site and found that they also had a balm. I read the ingredients in the balm and noticed that it contained a lot more than hemp oil.

I looked up all the ingredients on the internet and found that a lot of them could be used to help get rid of conditions like athletes foot. I am always on the search for natural products that can do things just as well, or better, than their medical counterparts and I normally do pretty well.

I have found that hemp oil, coconut oil, and tea tree oils are something that households should never be without. I decided to order a tub of this cream because it was full of some great stuff. I got the tub and it was the size that I had expected it to be for the price, so I was quite pleased.

My Personal Experience?

Now, foot fungus is not on the main list of issues that CBD can help, and it is not advertised on their product either, but I am here to tell you that it worked for me. I am not going to lay claims that it is some super magical cream that is going to work miracles, but after a week or so of use, you will see results.

I started to apply this product and in about a week my fungus was gone. Since I have found that CBD can be used to cleanse and renew skin I also use this product on my face, I haven’t had a zit since, plus my pores have reduced in size. I have also seen a great reduction in my blackheads. I have just started using the balm on my face and have started to put a few drops on my soaps and in my shampoos before my showers.

My hair is longer and stronger, my skin is less itchy and dry, plus my fungus has completely disappeared, my acne is practically nonexistent and my aches and pains are relieved with a quick shower. I bought a few of these tubs and I am currently using them for a number of things including the kid’s cuts and scrapes. I have noticed that it helps to reduce the appearance of scars, as well as helps them to heal quickly. It also helps to reduce the pain, an inflammation in the cut or scrape.

My Family Experience with SOL CBD Products

My husband uses the cream when he has a severe flare up from his Fibromyalgia. He just rubs a bit where he is hurting and his pain almost dissipates immediately. He also takes internal CBD supplements from Sol in order to get maximum results.

CBD is the only thing that he has been able to use that makes him want to get up and move around. At only 27 he had a horrible case of Fibromyalgia and he has Marfan’s syndrome. The pain he goes through daily is incredible. We mix a little bit of CBD in with his Bengay, which has only ever mildly helped, and his pain almost completely goes away.

Talking about my daughter, she has some pretty severe eczema, and this cream is the only thing we have found that works right for her. We have tried oatmeal baths, prescription creams, lotions, the only thing that has ever worked was CBD.

I quit using the prescriptions on her completely, as they have a tendency to burn her skin slightly. I place a little bit of oil in with coconut oil and tea tree oil. We rub her down with the oil after every shower she takes. Her eczema cleared up and has not come back.

I have not tried to quit using the CBD to determine if I have to continue use to keep eczema away, but I would rather keep up use then allow my daughter to be in pain and annoyed. I do not think we could have found a better product for our family to use.

Is it Safe?

We are now fully transformed into a CBD household. I have even made sure to check the rules in my area and there is nothing wrong with giving it to my children, so there is nothing to worry.

CBD does not have any psychoactive ingredients at all. Doctors get away with giving children drugs like Vicodin and Percocet. Adderall is pretty much meth, and people give that to their children, so there is no harm in giving them CBD in my eyes. Especially when it has pretty much the same effects as some of the more powerful drugs that can cause bigger issues. I strongly believe in the use of CBD for people of all ages.

Where to buy SOL CBD Products?

As I stated before, there is nowhere else I would rather go to Sol to get my CBD products. I have never had an issue buying any of my products off of this company at all and I always get my orders on time. They never have an issue telling me what is inside of their products and they don’t have an issue telling me how they obtain their extract, or where from.

They are a pretty open company and I love the customer service I get from them. I always place my orders on their site but I know that you can also place an order by calling customer service at 1-800-413-5420.

Shipping, Returns, and Refunds?

Shipping is fast and discreet, so my nosey neighbors and mailman have no clue what I am getting, plus it is not costly. The company is very easy to work with and they have no problem replacing products or refunding money if there are issues with your order. Their representatives are very kind and helpful, and when I placed my first order they were very informative. They knew exactly what to do and exactly how to help me, plus suggested me the greatest products that fit my family perfectly.


I have tried several brands of CBD oil and this is one of the purest I have tried yet. I have no issue with the price that I pay to this company as they offer pricing that can be compared to many of their competitors.

They send their products in a timely fashion and it is very discreet shipping, which I love because I have nosey neighbors that stand at their mailboxes waiting to see what is being put in. I absolutely love this company and will not order from anyone else again. The only thing that could make this company better is a savings or points card.